Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Xaphes Privacy Policy

VERSION 1 – date of 10/05/2020

XAPHES provides business development seminars and online educational courses (“Programs”) primarily for attorneys and other professionals.  XAPHES collection and use of information is limited to information that XAPHES needs to administer Programs, including making Programs available on a hosted website.  XAPHES does not use information it collects for other purposes and does not provide or sell information to third parties.    The policies stated here are current as of the version date shown above.  XAPHES may modify and update this privacy policy at any time.  Please contact XAPHES at to receive a copy of XAPHES most current privacy policy. 


I.  Information collected.  In administering Programs, Xaphes collects names, email addresses and office locations of Participants (“Personal Identification Information”).   “Participants” are XAPHES’s clients’ firm attorneys who are authorized to participate in online courses or in-person seminars.  Related information such as busines telephone numbers or other contact information may also be obtained by XAPHES in the course of administering Programs.  Personal Identification Information may be gathered directly from clients, or Participants may provide this information via the on-line registration process. 

While participating in a seminar or on-line course, other information or data may also be collected.  For example, responses to course questions by a Participant are likely to be collected when a Participant chooses to type answers, questions, or otherwise interacts with an online course.  Collection of this type of information is incidental to XAPHES’s administration of Programs and is not used by XAPHES for any other purpose.

XAPHES uses third party services to host websites and provide other tools and services that enhance the functionality of online course software.  These third parties may collect data and use such data in accordance with their own data privacy policies.  You are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these third parties before participating in XAPHES’s Programs.   Xaphes will provide you with contact information of third-party service providers upon your request so that you may obtain access to their most current privacy policies.   If the privacy policies of any third-party provider are not acceptable to you, you may choose not to access or participate in Programs.  By participating in a Program, you are giving your consent to collection of information and/or data and agree that XAPHES is not responsible for the content or administration of the privacy policies of third-party service providers.       

II.  Use of Information.  XAPHES uses information it collects: (i) to grant authority to access and participate in seminars and online courses; (ii) to inform and coordinate with clients; (iii) to communicate which Participants have participated in or accessed seminars or courses, and (iv) to provide other administrative functions such as reporting participation rates and courses that have been accessed and completed, and similar user information.  Other than communications with clients and except as required by applicable law, it is XAPHES’s policy not to provide Personal Identification Information to third parties.

III.  Use of Information after all Programs are Completed.  It is XAPHES policy to retain Personal Identification Information of Participants until the last usage of Programs by clients has occurred.  Such information may be erased/deleted periodically thereafter, but unless XAPHES receives a specific request, all information collected by XAPHES may be retained indefinitely.  

IV.  Request to Delete Personal  Identification Information.  After you have ended your participation in all Programs, you may request that XAPHES delete/erase any of your Personal Identification Information that, at the time of your request, is in the possession of XAPHES.  If you would like such information erased/deleted, please send a written request to XAPHES at    

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