Xaphes Business Development E-Learning Suite

Enable your lawyers to have Just-in-Time access to a proven methodology and best practices to win new business.  Each bite-sized module provides techniques that span the life cycle of business development.

Networking in 2020

Networking becomes an interesting challenge when people are required to stay at home or social distance.  This module contains tips for interacting with contacts and meeting new people via a virtual setting and social media platforms, as well as the old classic way method of picking up the phone.

Successful Business Development Philosophies

Business development involves much more than article writing, lunches and pitches.  This module provides an overview of successful business development philosophies with the 4 R’s of Business Development and explains the Xaphes version of a sales cycle for law firms called The Solve Cycle.

Personalize Success

Success in business development needs to be tailored to individual strengths and what’s appropriate for the lawyer at a given point in his or her career.  Learn what other goals you can shoot for, in addition to landing new clients and securing revenue, that will help you to develop your practice.

Identify Your Target Market

Target markets are a critical cornerstone in any business development effort.  Once you have clarity around your target markets, all of your business development efforts revolve around this cornerstone.  This module helps you to identify your target markets with enough detail so you know how to plan and act going forward.

The Power of a Contact List

A contact list is a vehicle for keeping in touch with your priority contacts—clients, prospects, connectors, and colleagues.  It helps you to stay organized and systematic so that too much time doesn’t go by between interactions. 

Keep Connected with Your Network

Keeping connected with your network is a critical activity to stay top of mind with your contacts so they think of you when they have a need.  This module provides tips for navigating your network, as well as how to find the time in your busy schedule.

Critical Messaging Moments

Responding to the two most common questions when socializing—What do you do? and What’s new?—are typically missed opportunities.  This module helps you to answer those questions in memorable and conversation-inducing ways. 

Foster a Lasting First Impression

First impressions are made within 2-7 seconds of meeting someone.  What kind of impression do you make?  This module leverages science to help you make the best, and lasting, impression.

Create Memorable Conversations

When in networking or social situations, creating engaging conversations is a way to be memorable.  They often spark the fire for a future business relationship.  This module provides best practices so that you can authentic and captivating.

Captivate with Questions

So often in business development, lawyers feel like they need to do a lot of talking to impress prospects.  Prospects, however, want the focus to be on them and their needs.  Learn how to leverage questions to create a robust, collaborative dialogue with a prospect in a way that demonstrate that you care and know your stuff.

Prepare for Prospect and Pitch Conversations

Preparation is a key factor in winning new business.  This module provides two preparation worksheets—one for more casual interactions and a second for pitches.  They help you to leave no stone unturned when trying to convince a prospect to work with you.

Factors for Yes

Factors for Yes provide a roadmap for getting to a “Yes” when pursuing a sales opportunity.  You can use them as your guide to plan for upcoming conversations and create a collaborative sales process with prospects.

Do’s and Don’ts During Pitches

A pitch is an opportunity to show a prospect what it will be like to work with you.  So, it is important to think about a pitch as an “experience,” and this module provides best practices to make it a winning experience.

Overcoming Objections

Objections are a normal part of the sales process and is a sign that a prospect is highly engaged.  Learn how to get to the heart of an issue when an objection is expressed so that you can get to a Yes with the prospect.

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