Seek to Solve, Rather than Sell

“The key talent in good selling is being good at getting me, the client, to reveal my problems, needs, wants and concerns. If I’m talking, telling you about my company and my needs, you’re ahead; if you’re talking, you’re losing.”

David Maister

Don’t Sell…Connect Workshop

Don’t Sell…Engage Workshop

Don’t Sell…Solve Workshop

Don’t Sell…Connect

Networking can be construed as a bad word by many due to its awkward and cheesy connotations.  However, professional, civic or charitable events can be great forums for meeting people and maintaining relationships, e.g. connecting.

With an emphasis on authenticity and relationship, the Don’t Sell…Connect workshop will help participants get more out of events so that networking can become a valuable tool towards business development.  During the 2-hour workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Adopt a productive mindset for networking
  • Create a game plan for events
  • Make a great first impression
  • Engage in interesting conversations
  • Navigate the room effectively
  • Focus on relationships for the future

Don’t Sell…Engage

In order to be effective in business development, lawyers need to focus on building the right foundation for them.

This includes identifying target markets, answering questions such as “What do you do?” and “Why you?”, organizing their contacts and developing a plan to engage their networks with discipline.  Most importantly, they need to employ best practices to create natural conversations that could identify potential business opportunities with clients and potential clients.  The 2-hour Don’t Sell…Engage workshop helps participants to construct their business development foundation and develop a plan for execution.  During the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn accessible approaches and methodologies for business development
  • Identify priority target markets
  • Message strengths through three key questions
  • Organize and engage with preferred contacts
  • Captivate potential clients through the power of questions
  • Personalize success to authentically grow a network and develop opportunities for business

Don’t Sell…Solve

Lawyers dislike selling but love to solve.  Clients hate to be sold to but like to buy.

The Don’t Sell…Solve program takes the selling out of it and focuses efforts on solving for prospects.  Participants will learn a proven methodology that will provide structure to the “solve” process and take the guesswork out of winning business.  Armed with business development best practices, lawyers will have increased confidence to engage more proactively with clients and potential clients.  During the 2-hour workshop, participants will:

  • Learn accessible approaches and methodologies for business development
  • Understand how to consistently develop trust with prospects
  • Leverage seven Factors for Yes to help clients make a positive buying decision
  • Ask powerful questions that close business
  • Use a robust preparation tool for all business development conversations
  • Start solving problems immediately for the prospect while demonstrating capability
  • Practice business development conversations
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