Get to Know Us

Our Goal

Xaphes aims to help our clients generate more revenue and become phenomenal public speakers. We anticipate that every participant will gain proven techniques and tools to help participants take their skills and results to the next level.  Xaphes is determined to help our clients find a newfound sense of confidence and comfort while adopting new habits.

let’s talk about growth.

Xaphes can help you improve business generation and public speaking skills.  By participating in a Xaphes training program, participants will receive practical and pragmatic techniques that can be applied immediately after the training workshop.  Contact us below to learn more.

Our Core Values


Excellence does not equal perfection. Excellence is the continuous and persistent pursuit of highest quality.  It involves raising the bar for yourself and others around you while simultaneously offering grace and humility. “Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution…”


Joy is a state of mind that is often characterized by pleasure, satisfaction and contentment.  Joy looks different for each of us, and when times get busy and overwhelming, joy can be a deliberate choice in order to try to get back to a contented place.  Joy and excellence can intersect when we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


Authenticity, at its core, is being your true, honest self. Authenticity requires knowing your real feelings, needs and values and being okay with sharing that with the world.  Being authentic can require courage but when done, can free you to be the best version of yourself.

Meet The Founder

Tracy helps lawyers become phenomenal public speakers and business developers.

Tracy has been interested in public speaking as a specific skill since she was 12 years old and has been engaged in professional public speaking in a variety of contexts for 25 years. She focuses on helping lawyers place an emphasis on their listeners in order to create a memorable experience and leave them wanting more. Additionally, she helps lawyers conquer nerves so that they can deliver an authentic and powerful message.

Tracy has helped lawyers generate revenue for 13 years.  She works with lawyers to incorporate discipline and authenticity in relationship building and maintenance, and rather than pushing lawyers to just “ask for the business”, she shares a proven sales process that focuses on the lawyers solving problems for their clients.  She takes the guesswork out of selling so that lawyers can improve their win rates.  

Tracy’s background includes 8 years in the high-tech consulting industry and 19 years in the legal industry.  For six of those years, she worked in professional development at three AmLaw 100 firms, and thirteen years as a consultant to lawyers at firms of all sizes and geographies.

Tracy started Xaphes in an effort to combine her passion for and experience in public speaking and business development with her priority values of joy, excellence and authenticity. Tracy wants to help lawyers rise above the rest and harness their authentic confidence to be phenomenal versions of themselves. 

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Tracy has lived in Southeast Florida since 2011 when she realized that year-round color brings her more joy. She is an avid exerciser, budding golfer, habitual fiction reader, part-time foodie and amateur mixologist. She tries to infuse joy, excellence and authenticity into her every day and realizes that it is much more of a journey than a destination.