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Find the Phenomenal Business Generator and Speaker In You

At Xaphes (“Zah-fees”) we understand that originating revenue and speaking articulately are imperative to being an effective lawyer. Using a proven methodology, we help lawyers bring a disciplined approach to business development and public speaking.  Named after the Thai word for phenomenal, our company prides itself on three core values – excellence, authenticity, and joy. These same values guide our approach so that our clients can lean into their own strengths to maximize success.  

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You are our mission

Communication and business development skills are vital in the legal world. It is our job to help our clients build on the necessary skills to become phenomenal relationship builders and public speakers in the legal profession. Our mission is to work together towards a common goal of assisting and supporting our clients to being effective lawyers.


Our innovative workshops leverage creative instructional design so that participants “do” as much as they “listen” in our programs.  Participants will experience real-life situations so that they can more easily execute the learned skills back on the job.  


Those who are most effective in business development and public speaking continually focus on the client’s needs, business and interest.  Establishing and maintaining trust, even in the smallest of ways, is paramount.  Xaphes provides practical and pragmatic ways to ensure that the focus stays on others, not on self.


At Xaphes, we teach clients how to stand out from the rest. We provide numerous best practices in business development and public speaking that enables participants to create immediate rapport, conversation and credibility with potential clients.  


It’s time to embolden confident relationship builders, public speakers and business originators.  Xaphes will help participants to discover their strengths and deploy best practices while still being authentic.  Consistently following Xaphes disciplined approach will help participant to take their skills and successes to the next level.